Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm free! I'm free!

Whee!!! Today was my last working day in MOEHQ. I still have 2 days of course to attend, but other than that, free! FREE!

Just before I left today, Benny asked me, "Are you sure you won't miss this place?" I told him, "Nah. I have enough photos of this place to remember it with." *broad grin* Strange though. I truly walked out of the building without even so much as a twinge of nostalgic loss (whatever that means). Guess it was really just time to move on and move out. I'll miss the people though. I had good colleagues. Fellow SHeeP who, for some reason or other, always indulged my nonsensical outbursts and need for madness - hopping around (literally), coming in coordinated attire (red day, pink day, stripes day, mandarin collar day, red & green christmas day), singing Christmas songs 6 months too early. They were more than colleagues. They were friends who were there when I needed to vent, when I needed to cry. Not just when I needed to laugh.

"Are you sure you won't miss this place?"

If the place is made up of the people, then yes, I will.

Next stop, Singapore Arts School. I pray I will be equally blessed with friends there.

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