Friday, February 15, 2008

At an absolute loss

Just as my maternity leave is about to end, Lauren suddenly won't take to the bottle. We've been letting her take expressed milk through the bottle occasionally since she was about 2 weeks old, and in the last month or so, at least once a week. But all of a sudden in the last couple of weeks, she's suddenly refused to drink from the bottle. She would scream and cry and in baby terms, probably yelling murder already, and absolutely refuse the bottle. What am I to do? How to return to work knowing she won't feed all day??


Anonymous said...

Why don't you try printing a big picture of yourself at home and have the baby drink in front of it while you're not at home?

-ok crazy suggestion but i saw this off a documentary on how rockstars miss their kids at home and how their wives solve the problem.

cheers miss wang!

Li-Sa said...

Hahaha... good idea! A friend suggested I leave a piece of my clothing behind with whoever's feeding baby so she's reminded of my smell and will drink. Ah... if only I didn't have to return to work. But then again, I know I'd go beserk if I didn't have work. If only I could take baby to work with me! :P

YL said...

Easy for me to say, but... don't go back to work! You already have a new, God-assigned job, called Lauren. :)

Li-Sa said...

Cannot don't go back to work lah. Got bills to pay... for Lauren. Kekeke... ;)