Thursday, September 25, 2008

How much do you give up for motherhood?

I have been thinking. For a long time now.

How much does one give up for motherhood?

Sleep? - you manage
Time? - every bit of free time is for your child, no regrets there
Hobbies? - baby becomes your hobby
Energy? - as with sleep, you manage
Youth? - everyone ages, so deal with it
Career? - this is where I cannot decide

And especially if you are mother to a daughter, what kind of example do present her with in your choices in life?


brainybairn said...

I totally agree with you on this one about career. I am similarly torn.

gilaswan said...

Well, perhaps it's a no-brainer. Wouldn't want to be an absent parent. Afterall, we accept that there are finite hours in a day, finite levels of energy in a person and finite days to a life. I want to be remembered as a mother who loved her daughter; whose daughter remembers being loved. :)