Thursday, March 16, 2006


Today was such a non-day at work. Didn't feel productive at all.

Was greeted first thing in the morning at the office by a document filled with questions from the boss. Questions on things added to my original paper. Then had to go out for a thank you lunch hosted by one of our ministers for a committee whose work has finally concluded. That lasted till 3pm. Then it was back to the office with the same question-marked paper, only this time, there were more gaps that had to be filled. I reckon it's 'cos whoever added to my paper didn't make a good case for whatever was added, so I now have to re-write something I didn't actually write to begin with. And he wanted it done tonight. I politely told him it wasn't going to happen. Not tonight. I just wanna do some major lounging on my bed with 2 new mags I just bought.

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