Thursday, August 14, 2008

Becoming sentient

Today, Lauren truly understood the term "no" and what it meant to be disciplined.

She tried to bite the table while she was sitting on her high chair during dinner. For the umpteenth time, KM said to her firmly, "No." This time, however, there was a reaction. She looked at KM for a while, then her lips started to curl downwards and suddenly, "Waaaaaaahhh!!" She finally understood that she was getting scolded and it wasn't any fun!

Poor baby. And poor daddy. He felt so bad, but decided he had to be firm and gave her a hug while he said to her, "Daddy's sorry you got scared and upset, but a 'no' is a 'no'. You don't have to be scared when someone says 'no', but if you don't agree then just give your reason. No need to cry." Hurray Daddy!

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Bentoist said...

Awww... how sweet.