Saturday, August 23, 2008


We decided to splurge this weekend on a room with a view at the Ritz Carlton. It was the Fireworks Festival with the French team kicking it off last night, and we thought that Lauren was old enough to enjoy the visual delight of exploding, multicoloured flares, and did she! The show started rather late at about 2130h, and we were beginning to get rather impatient especially because Lauren was beginning to get sleepy and fussy. We tried everything to keep her awake, including putting her into a warm bath, which certainly worked - baby's afraid of the bathtub, so we discovered! Methinks she might not actually enjoy swimming much, but that shall be another experiment for another day. Once the fireworks started, I don't think I saw Lauren blink once for the 30 minutes it lasted. Almost immediately after though, she fell into a deep sleep.

So, will we do this again? Perhaps. The Ritz is a nice place and the view is undeniably pretty. The beds, however, are stone hard. It could well be that I have been spoilt by my tempur bed at home, but then again, I've been to other less glitzy hotels which beds are just like baby bear's - soft, fluffy and absolutely inviting. I spent most of the night trying to fall asleep, while KM got fed up with the flickering lights of the city buildings and wondered why we'd paid so much to get our sleep disrupted. Well. Maybe the Mandarin Oriental next year instead? No lack of hotels with a view of the Marina here.

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Eugene said...

Lauren looks fascinated by the fireworks! haha I can tell from her body cute!