Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Baby's Plump!

Had another visit to the gynae's today. She said Lauren's plump! She weighs 1.8kg now, and the gynae reckons she will be a good weight of about 3kg at birth, which is great! She said too that my weight gain's been very "efficient" too, cos I've only put on 4.6kg thereabouts in total, and 1.8kg has gone to Lauren. The rest is probably the water and the placenta.

Lauren's now lying mostly on my left side, with her head to my right. Explains all the kicking I get when I lie down on my left. She doth protest the lack of space whenever I do that. Hahaha!

Anyway, I'm glad baby's doing good, though doc said my health is equally important, and my anaemia has returned at an all time low. Have to start taking iron tablets, which I *so* dislike. No choice though. I wish drinking Essence of Chicken was sufficient this time. Apparently not. Bleah.


Anonymous said...

Oooohhh.. this is so exciting.. I bet Lauren just can't wait 2 see her Aunty Jam! Hang in there dear Lauren. U'll get 2 meet me soon! 2 bad it's raya and we r all so bz rite now.. looks like the baby shower's gonna have 2 wait till after raya.. hmm.. I hope Lauren isn't 2 eager 2 see the world (or rather 2 see her Aunty Jam) before she's due.. else.. there goes the BS!

Li-Sa said...

Heheheh... As much as I would like to see Lauren myself, I'd like her to wait till Dec too.