Tuesday, November 06, 2007

5 more weeks!

Baby's growing well and certainly getting stronger! Her kicks aren't quite so kind anymore and they can REALLY HURT! Pain aside, I'm glad she's kicking as she has been though. Always good to know she's active and I do hope she stays that way.

I've put on all of .. *drum roll* ... 6kg!!! Quite an achievement I dare say. I reckon baby should be making up some 1/3 of that so far, perhaps a little more. Gynae said weight gain was coming along well, so no worries there! She also said that baby's cooperating and her head's already started to move downwards (her head's sorta on the bottom right hand side of my tummy now). Everything's going well, and we're well on track towards 8 Dec. :D

Meanwhile, I'm thinking lots about chocs (I miss 'em) and KM bought me a pack of Marks and Spencer Milk Chocolate Digestive biscuits, though he thinks I really shouldn't eat any since I always regret it later. I figure though, perhaps I could try some close to bed time, so even if it makes me sick, at least it's bed time... y'think? :P

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