Thursday, November 22, 2007

Has it started? Clueless

I have been up since 2.30am. It's now 4.45am. I can't seem to fall asleep cos of this nagging lower back ache and slightly sharp pains that come and go. "Slightly" cos I'm not sure if they really hurt or not (ooh... I'm feeling it again), and I have a relatively high threshold for pain, so while these pains may be sharp, they don't make me scream or anything.

So now I'm up, sitting in my bed blogging. Just a while ago, I was IM'g with a friend, who seems rather certain I'm in the first stages of labour (she was up with her baby). Tomorrow marks 38 weeks exactly, so no, I'm not exactly early I suppose, if this really is the start of labour. I'm just wondering how to react now. Do I start packing my bag? It's partially packed now. But most everything else is still not in order.

I'm trying to time these waves of discomfort. So far, they seem to be 10 mins apart. It could well be a false alarm. But who knows? Thing is, KM is supposed to be up in 30 mins time to get ready to go to Malaysia - which we already had a disagreement on yesterday. I've already woken him up once to tell him I could be in early stages of labour, and his response was, "No kidding?" before rolling back to sleep. Duh. Ah... another one of those funny pressure feelings again... I think he shouldn't go, even if it takes another 2 weeks for baby to come. Goodness knows what men think is priority anyway.

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