Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Became Parents Yesterday!

My water bag burst at 6.30am yesterday. I had never seen KM bolt out of bed so quickly before! After pottering around for a bit - both of us managed to have breakfast and a quick shower first - we left for the hospital at 7.30am and were in the delivery suite by 8am. And 4 hours later, we became new parents! So far, it's been an awesome, albeit tiring first day, and she is certainly the cutest little thing to come our way.

My aunt asked me to describe the experience in one word last evening, but I couldn't think of one. No words could've described it for me, really. But almost 24hrs later, I'd say the best word would be "intense". I didn't think I could do it without epidural or any other form of pain relief except bruising KM's hands as I held on to them so tightly each time the contractions came, but I did! Poor KM's hands now have battle scars to prove it too! I have to cut my nails before we go to the hospital the next time. Next time? Yes. Not so soon, but I do think there will be a next time.

Praise God for a quick labour and our little miracle. And thank you all, for your constant prayers and blessings.


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Wow! Hearty congratulations from Mongolia!