Monday, January 08, 2007

All Grown Up

Kee Min: (to me) ... the Science Centre's a bit kiddy, don't you think?
Dylan: (from behind) No. I don't think it's kiddy at all. Are the robots still on display? They're kinda good...

[At Primary 2, he's certainly all grown up. Primary 1 - now that's kiddy.]
Call me "kor-kor"

During dinner at Hilltop.

My sis: Megan calls everyone "Ah-ma". Ah-ma, ah-ma, ah-ma... She calls me "Ah-ma", Grandma "Ah-ma", Ah-ma "Ah-ma"... Dylan, why do you think that is?

Dylan: (firmly to Megan) Stop calling me "Ah-ma". You should call me "kor-kor."

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Theology as understood by 7-year-olds

Amidst very animated and lively discussion about submarines, torpedoes, helicopters and hellfire...

Dylan: ... and then when the world comes to an end, the devil will be melted! (appropriate sound effects)
Kee Min: I think you got that confused with the Terminator.
Me: So that's what's gonna happen at the second coming huh?
Dylan: Yah! And those who don't believe in God will be terminated by Jesus! (more appropriate sound effects)
Brian (the other 7-year-old): (very seriously) There are other people who believe different things. You shouldn't say things like that.
Dylan: (ignoring all others)... yeah... terminated by Jesussssss.... hellfire.... (even more appropriate sound effects)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


My mummy says, "Public holidays in Singapore are a curse. Throngs congregate at the shopping malls (and Ikea!) and those working are overworked while those shopping are under-served. We should ban public holidays and have them add to our annual leave."

Hear ye... hear ye...