Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Live the Digital Life!

Kee Min bought the 17" MacBook Pro last night. He has reclaimed his position as Computing Royalty since the demise of his iBook (which is in Apple Morgue right now undergoing an autopsy. They might be able to revive it yet, then I get to inherit it... How pathetic. Apple scraps, I oso want).

It just makes increasingly more sense to get the Mac for mobile computing. It's as powerful as a desktop. It comes with an inbuilt vidcam - don't need to spend more moolah on an external accessory which is so dteng-tor (cumbersome). It can do just about anything a PC can do. The sound quality is BRILLIANT! Like, FWAH! It's sleek and light even for its size - talk about REAL mobility! And it doesn't hurt that it looks real good.

The Fujitsu Lifebook looks like an embarrassment next to the MacBook Pro.

I want to sit at Coffee Bean with Kee Min's new piece of Computing Royalty. If only just to bask in the reflection of the silver casing...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Man of the House

We're all at Grandpa's home. Dad announces he's going out.

Dylan: OK! Now I'm the man of the house!
Me: No. Grandpa's still at home. And even if Grandpa went out, there's still Uncle Kee Min. So it's not quite your turn yet.
Dylan: But Mum says that whenever Dad's not in, I'm the man of the house.
Me: True, but this is Grandpa's house, so you have to wait your turn.
Dylan: ...