Sunday, February 22, 2009

So tired!

My little sweetheart was so tired this afternoon, she fell asleep sitting in the shopping cart! Poor little cutie patootie.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Serial Stalking of Cereal Stock

Went to Cold Storage at HV last Saturday to get some avocado and crab sticks to make california rolls for lunch, and decided to walk down the cereal aisle just to check on the cereal stock as I always do. As you know, because of the cereal conspiracy going on, the walk down the aisle has been a disappointing affair for the last many months. But that day, I SAW FRUITY PEBBLES ON THE SHELF! YES! I quickly helped myself to 3 boxes. I wanted to take the remaining 2 boxes after the 3 I removed revealed them hiding at the back of the shelf, but KM said that that was what cereal conspiracies were made up of - cereal stockers. Humph. Well. I didn't think that was a valid argument, but I left the remaining boxes behind for the other Fruity Pebbles fans out there. Thank me.

KM thought it was crazy having 7 boxes of cereal at home - 1 Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (LV's favourite), 3 Honey Bunches of Oats (KM's favourite and under threat by cereal conspiricists at the Cold Storage chain of supermarkets; we've been getting ours from NTUC) and 3 boxes of my Fruity Pebbles (which LV rather enjoys too). That was some 5 days ago now. We're already down to 4 boxes of cereal. We do go through them very quickly. Time to stalk the shelves again.