Monday, April 09, 2007

Tune it up

Dylan, Mum and Dad are in the car. Dylan's watching Shrek on DVD in the back seat. Mum and Dad are listening to the dialogue on the player.

Mum: Dylan, can you tune it up back there?
Mum: Not you! The player!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ordering in Style

Dylan: (Leaning back on his chair, finger tips of right hand tapping lightly against finger tips of left hand) Do you have Coke? or Pepsi?
Waiter: We have Coke.
Dylan: (Same pose) Do you have... Lime Coke?
Waiter: Yes we do.
Dylan: (Still in the same pose) Do you have... Lime Coke Float?
Waiter: Well, we don't, but I can see what we can do about it.
Dylan: (Contemplating) Alright. I'll have that then. Thank you.
Abacus Class?

Me: Since when did you have Abacus class?
Dylan: Hang on. (puts me on hold) Since 9 weeks ago.
Me: You went off to count?? So, since when?
Dylan: Well, Grandpa talked to me about the abacus before, and some questions later, I decided I wanted to take up a class, so Grandpa found me one.
Me: Some questions later??!
Maybe he has some time for me afterall...

So 1 o'clock didn't work too well.
Dylan: I'm a reading buddy now.
Me: What's that mean?
Dylan: I get to tutor some kids to read.
Me: I see.
Dylan: I have to do that on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays except Wednesdays. How does Wednesday sound, Yiyi?
Dylan: Or we could always do Sunday after church.
Me: Er... Let me check. I'll call you back.
Making an Appointment with a 7½-year-old

Me: So, what do you do on Saturdays?
Dylan: I have Abacus class at 2pm, then Science class at 5pm.
Me: You sound busy.
Dylan: Why do you ask, yiyi?
Me: Was thinking of taking you to catch TMNT on Saturday.
Dylan: I see... I have 1 o'clock.
Me: ?!??? (He has 1 o'clock?!??)