Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Random bits of my life

We celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary yesterday with a simple dinner outing. All 3 of us. And instead of taking pictures of us, I ended up taking pictures of our food. KM thought I was nuts. But why not? Heh, heh, heh...

We wanted to have Japanese and ended up at Ichiban-Tei at Quayside (along the Singapore River). It was our second visit, and we remember it being not-too-bad the last time we were there for my sister's birthday last year, so we thought, why not?

All of us ended up ordering ramen. LV had her kiddy portion that came with a tempura ebi, a couple of pieces of chicken karaage and chips.

KM and I basically had the house specialty - some kind of pork ramen, except mine was in spicy soup stock.

And we attempted to share a serving of soft shell crab,

and kakiage.

And here's why the restaurant ended up being a "not" for us. Too oily. Can you imagine oily Japanese food? I could not, until last night. Like "urgh!" The ramen soup stock had oil globules in them, and the soft shell crab batter felt like it had soaked up all the oil in the pot. I think we felt quite ill after the ramen. KM even refused to eat the soft shell crab after the first bite. We never even got to the kakiage (which cost $16!) and got it packed home. My nephew had it for lunch today - baked, and probably came out a bit better after it got zapped in the oven - and liked it. And oh yes, I must not forget to add that it was salty! Ick. Oily, salty, Japanese food. *gag* All in all, a nice evening, but the food scored a 3 out of 10 for me.

And while I'm still being rather random here, look what my ingeneous hubby has decided to use his seat belt guard thingamajig (what do you call these things??) for:
Not only do the cables now look neat, we'll never lose our controllers again. Brilliant.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sleeping amidst a bed of kitties

Every weekend, LV gets to sleep in our bed with us. I say it's a treat for her, but really, I think I look forward to cuddling with her more than she does with me. I remember when she first started sleeping on her own, I couldn't fall asleep!

Tonight, once again, she gets to sleep on our bed. With her ever-growing kitty collection. No thanks in great part to me, of course. But oh, what fun it is, to go to bed with so much cuteness!