Sunday, February 04, 2007

Be my valentine

Date: Thu 01 Feb 2007

Act 1 Scene 1: Inside Nissan Sunny. On the way to school.

Grandson: Gramps, When is Valentine's Day?
Gramps: It's on 14 Feb, Grandson. That would make it about two weeks away.
Grandson: I know who my Valentine's going to be.
Gramps: Who, Grandson?
Grandson: Magdelene.
Gramps: Oh? Is she from Henry Park?
Grandson: Yes.
Gramps: Is she your classmate?
Grandson: Yes.
Gramps: Was she in your class last year too?
Grandson: Yes.
Gramps: And you notice her only this year?
Grandson: No! Of course I've noticed her since last year.

Act 1 Scene 2: Inside Nissan Sunny. On the way home from school.

Gramps: How was school today, Grandson?
Grandson: Fine.
Gramps: How's your Valentime?
Grandson: Fine
Gramps: What's her full name, by the way? Magdalene what?
Grandson: Shutler. [Not sure if Gramps got it right.]
Gramps: Shutler? So she's not Chinese?
Grandson: No. She's Others.

(talk about success in Singapore's CMIO policy... hahaha)