Saturday, June 03, 2006

7 Gypsies Preview Class - Oh so disappointed!

After all that hype about 7 Gypsies coming to town in their caravans loaded with things to sell at the flea market, all I can say is that I felt so let down that their wares were simple and few.


A group of us Lofters were given the opportunity to attend a 7 Gypsies preview class at Laine's Paperterie @ Wheelock Place, an opportunity we jumped at so quickly, it barely took us 18 hours to get all the places filled up, discount or no! For weeks, the ladies on the Loft spoke of nothing but the preview class - what exciting things we could get to see in the class, what new ideas the 7 Gypsies latest line of scrapbooking products would bring, and what cute new embellishments we could pick up at the flea market - gypsy style as we were promised - to add to our pages.

Sadly, much of the 7 Gypsies items were sold out before the preview class even took place, and the album kit we were greeted with this evening felt like a sad show of leftovers. The sample we were provided as a guide for our project was little less than inspiring, especially for the experienced scrappers among us, and flea market items seemed to be made reluctantly available to us.

For $68, the class felt overpriced. And though Sharon was a sweet and most accomodating instructor, I left feeling thoroughly let down by the class content and material shared. There's really no need to attend a class to complete the album which we did, and my pocket certainly feels the pinch of a class wasted.


Terence said...

this is terence. Was the 7gipises class that bad? I was really really sad for not going... can your take some photos to show??

Link me..!

gilaswan said...

I was very disappointed lah... :( Photos on TSL!