Monday, July 24, 2006

I am in the Land of Stupid...

...where Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine have to speak American English in order to be understood. I kid you not. I turned on the TV on Sunday morning and horror of horrors, there was Bob speaking in heavily American-accented English! As if that wasn't enough of a shock to my system, Thomas followed after with the same drawl! Goodness! And then Angeline had to suggest at breakfast that there's still Paddington Bear that they had not got their hands on yet. I totally lost it and screamed, "NOOOooooOOOOO!!!!" The absolute nightmare should that happen. But then after I had calmed down sufficiently, Tien and Angeline pointed out that the Yanks getting to Paddington was highly unlikely because

1. They would have to explain where "Lightest Peru" was; and
2. They would have to answer to questions on whether London was in Peru,

among others.

Too much to explain.

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Anonymous said...

i miss your blog