Thursday, June 14, 2007

Korean Holiday, Seoul, Day 1

So here we are in Seoul... Hardly slept a wink in the plane last night. Am so glad I actually survived the night flight. The anti-nausea meds really worked. Hopefully, that would be all the help I need for keeping food in me for the rest of the trip. So far, so good.

It's about 9.20pm back in Singapore now, 10.20pm local time, but I am totally knackered already. Walked around so much today, though I can't say we went to many places. Just the palace grounds and Insadong shopping street. But boy, do my feet ache! I'm about to collapse in bed and go to lalaland, but before I do, a quick report on - THE FOOD!

We had ginseng chicken for lunch - ooh, yum! Didn't expect it to taste so yummy! They served it with soba noodles, and the chicken was stuffed with glutinous rice... yummy yummy! And then we had a sausage stick from a road side stall for tea, if you could call it tea. I was just hungry and it looked sinfully good. It was. :D And dinner - that was the ultimate! Korean BBQ! I will never step into Seoul Garden again. We had this really nice dish with thinly sliced beef cooked in soup ala steam boat style, wrapped in lettuce with glutinous rice and kojusang sauce... Dunno what it's called but it was DEEELISH!!!! Aiyah... hungry again...


I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow! Hehehe...

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Anonymous said...


glad to see u r feelin better and enjoying all the yummy korean food (ENVYYY!!)

seoul garden is not korean food hahaha.