Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nothing-is-right day

I'm angry. I'm feeling angry. Today's just one of those days where one single piece of news can get one so upset that nothing else good in the day can make up for it.

My macbook hard disk crashed. It died over the weekend, but today my IT colleague confirmed that he could not do anything in-house to recover the data. And I am angry. Upset, then angry. Angry that the Apple is no longer as reliable as they claim it to be. Angry that Lauren's photos from April to July were in it and they're gone. Angry that people ask me things like, "You didn't back up ah?!??" If I did, would I be this upset? If I did, would I be in tears? The insensitive nature of some people! I'm angry!

I'm angry that hard disk manufacturers are the same people that recover lost data when hard disks crash. I'm angry that hard disk manufacturers charge you for recovering data when their hard disks crash! I question the ethics of this practice!

It irritates me that people tell me that nothing is irrecoverable. As long as you are willing to pay some $1.5k to recover the data. It irritates me that people tell me that if they were me, they would pay that much to recover the lost photos. It irritates me that people who tell me that if they were me, have no children of their own. If they were me, they would have a daughter to provide for. They would have to justify depriving her of activities and fun classes because of a $1.5k data recovery job which should not even be a cost for me to bear! Damn you, hard disk manufacturers!

It irritates me that men tell me I have many more months of nice photos to take of Lauren. Her baby months are over. Those are what I want to remember. It irritates me men tell me memories lie in the heart and don't have to be documented. What do I leave to show Lauren of her baby days? I wish I had more photos of my baby months. I wanted Lauren to have what I didn't have.

It upsets me.

It irritates me.

It angers me.

Go away if you have nothing nice or consoling to say.

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Mongapore said...

It _is_ disappointing and infuriating, no wonder you feel rather murderous. I just went to check the past months' blog entries, and it's easy to see why the pics are a great loss-- she's a SUPERCUTIE! A big hug for you; I look forward to many more pics of Lil' Miss Supercutie.