Friday, November 28, 2008

My Baby's One!

So fast, time flies. This time last year, we were waiting anxiously for her to arrive. Then in the early months of trying to get to know each other, there were trying moments of figuring out what each cry meant, and getting through the difficulty of breastfeeding. My fatigue at that point was at an all time high and there were moments I wondered if I could actually see it through.

Today, LV's a bubbly, lively, extremely happy baby. She breastfeeds with no problem, eats just about any kind of solid food, runs around independently, loves music and has a good sense of rhythm, says hi to just about everyone, and is an all round agreeable little girl. That's not to say she's not naughty or mischievous. She has a temper which we shall have to learn to manage; she chases the cats everyday and pulls at their tail and fur, often refusing to let go. She can go on and on with her complaints if she doesn't get what she wants. But then that's having a personality. She would be unreal otherwise.

We love her more and more each day, even as she gets naughtier, even as she gets a little more difficult to handle. We thank God for her every moment, and pray she continues to grow in His wisdom, strength and favour.

Happy Birthday, my little one!


Anonymous said...

HI MISS WANG! Congrats on the kid turning 1, must be a significant milestone, remember to invest on a good camera and takes lots of videos and pictures!

P.S. Any chance any of the blss 4e8's could gather? Hmmm.

Regards. Azlan.

gilaswan said...

Well, if you guys gather, let me know! :)