Monday, March 23, 2009

Silly Nursing Room Designs

It must have been a male who designed this. Or more likely, a non-parent. For sure. Just look at where the soap dispenser is. In between the changing bed and the seat for breastfeeding mums. And where is the sink? Out of the frame to the far right. Because parents must have arms as long as Mr Tickle's that can reach some 1m away for the tap. And this is not the only silly nursing room layout at Vivo City. Another one has no changing bed, but a diaper bin right next to the chair for nursing mums. Imagine nursing your baby next to a diaper bin! This on top of the fact that the supposed Parents-cum-nursing room is within the ladies' washroom because men can't be parents taking their kids out, and in need of a place to change their babies' diapers. No wonder Singaporeans aren't having babies. The basic support structure isn't even there.

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