Sunday, July 06, 2008

The next phase of baking

Kitty faces! I couldn't resist buying a set of Hello Kitty cookie cutters last week. In fact, I'm on an ebay prowl now for more (better) kitty (and other assorted) cookie cutters. As long as they're cute, they've got my attention. But I digress.

Needing therefore, to justify my purchase, I'm now on a quest to bake and decorate cute cookies. It's just that our weather's just so humid, it's really difficult to work with cut-out cookie dough. Nevermind decorating them. Just getting the dough rolled out and cut is so time consuming! Exactly the reason why I used only to bake drop cookies. But persevere, I shall (cos the dough's made already anyway, and who could resist Kitty shaped cookies?) Maybe the more I bake, the faster I'll get. In the meantime, Meowrr!

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